Tehran province with an area of 19,195 sq. km. contains a population of 12 million, is one of the largest cities in West Asia and the twenty-seventh largest city in the world. It is the main city of Iran and is located to the north of the central plateau of Iran.

Tehran features a cold semi-arid climate with continental climate characteristics and a Mediterranean climate precipitation pattern. Tehran's climate is largely defined by its geographic location, with the towering Alborz Mountains to its north and the central desert to the south. It can be generally described as mild in the spring and autumn, hot and dry in the summer, and cold and wet in the winter.

Main cities of the province are Karaj, Rey, Varamin, Hashtgerd, and Firouzkuh. Two hundred years have passed since Tehran was chosen to be the capital city of Iran. The Grand-bazaar is a place where attracts so many tourists for its architecture and the way people do business. Two important towers located in Tehran are Azadi Tower and Milad Tower. Other special buildings and palces in Tehran are: Tabi'at Bridge, Tehran Roof, Mas'udieh Mansion, Vardij Village, Golestan & Niavaran Palace, Abgineh Museum,





همسفر گرامي
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