FIPPA provides investment opportunities for foreign investment in all sectors of economic activity in Iran. In fact, all sectors except those related to weapons, ammunition and national security are allowed for foreign investment.


Joint venture projects between foreign and domestic companies provide opportunities for foreigners to enter country’s market through a private or public domestic partner.


Technology and infrastructure development in the country have prepared the domestic companies to develop with foreign capitals. Many domestic companies, especially in the private sector, are actively seeking joint venture.


From the perspective of experts, fields of information technology, oil and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance and transport services, mass housing and participation in the construction of roadside hotels and tourist complexes could be considered as investment destinations in the Iran's future economy.
For instance:
ICT, banking, insurance, and professional services have been the potential sectors for cooperation between Iran and Switzerland. Corporation opportunities regarding oil and gas, IT and technology sectors have been provided between Iran and Germany, as well as, hotel construction and the creation of large tourist settlements have been among the favorite sectors of Spain.
Aria Dokht Tour Operator Co. is proud to provide MICE services to all foreign businessmen who wish to invest in Iran and provides investment opportunities for foreign trade companies in Iran.

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