An eleven day journey to discovering a land of millennia, now Islamic republic one of the greatest empires of human history in the past: the Persian Empire. The journey originates from Shiraz, a romantic city of poets and intellectuals that boasts the finest Persian gardens in the world and continues following a chronological order first towards Persepolis, from the Achaemenes architecture and preserving the most striking archaeological site in the country. Followed in Isfahan city where he triumphed the imposing Islamic architecture to reach Tehran, a contemporary and dynamic city as a state capital. We will not miss Pasargadae the city of Cyrus the Great with its ruins and Yazd the cradle of Zoroastrianism with the temple of fire and the towers of silence. The proposed itinerary requires a good spirit of adaptation for sometimes long drives, on roads not always in good condition, and for rather rigid behavioral rules.


Departure from your country to Shiraz with scheduled flight by availability.

Day 2 : SHIRAZ

Arrive in Shiraz, meet with the local guide and transfer to the hotel where the rooms will be immediately available. Visit of the Garden Eram, sponsored by Unesco, stop at the tombs of Persian poets Sa'adi and Hafez, visit of the nineteenth-century Nasir - Ul-Molk Mosque among the most elegant of the Southern Arctic and walk through the streets of the Vakil bazaar An old commercial district that houses numerous bazaars dating back to different historical epochs. In the afternoon view of the Shah Cheragh Mosque, important pilgrimage site of Iran and tomb of the Ahmad and Muḥammad brothers who took refuge in Shiraz to escape persecution against Shiite Muslims. This mosque is a true jewel of Islamic art with precious decorations and mosaics of mirrors, important porticoes and silver panels. Dinner in the restaurant and return to the hotel for overnight stays.


Breakfast. Excursion to Persepolis (about 60km north of Shiraz). This site represents the greatness and decadence of one of the greatest empires in the world of the Achemenid (559 BC) stretching from the Indus River to Ethiopia. At the time of the highest Persepolis splendor, it extended to an area of 125 Kmq and was built on the slopes of the Mount of Mercy (Mount Rahmat) as a demonstration of the magnificence of the empire for visitors to remain enchanted by the extraordinary beauty. Today the ruins of the site represent a pale testimony of the glorious past of the city, but the archaeological remains still visible leave no doubt about the splendor reached by this realm from the refined low reliefs, the grandiose colonnades, imposing doors and monumental staircases. The site visit includes the Naqsh-e-Rostam rocky tombs attributed to Dario I and his successors and to Naqsh-e-Rajab three valuable Sassan bas-reliefs. Return to Shiraz rest of the leisure time. Dinner in the restaurant and overnight at the hotel.


Breakfast. Departing in the morning for Yazd with a stop along the path to Pasargadae although not very well preserved as Persepolis the ruins of this site are characterized by a lonely beauty. A dive in the past during the reign of Cyrus the Great in the 6th century BC when this city was built. Stop and visit the austere tomb of the Emperor. Continue for Yazd with second stop at Abarqu where the world's oldest cypress is located, with huge dimensions dating to 4000 years ago. This city is known for being an important caravan center along the Silk Road and preserves the palace Agha Zadeh which will strike you for the purity of the architectural lines, from their disarming harmony with the surrounding environment. I arrive at Yazd in the evening. Dinner accommodation in hotel and overnight stay.

Day5 : YADZ

Breakfast. Full day dedicated to visits to this beautiful city from the Friday's mosque, famous for its imposing portal adorned with stucco and arabesque. Inside the ancient city, you find the tower of silence and the temple of fire. Nestled between two great deserts of the region Kavir to the north and the Luth to the south, it is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic cities of Iran. The old town with twisting lanes and mud houses and the typical wind towers that are so numerous to create almost a wilderness, are the cornerstone of a glorious past that this ancient town still retains. Visit also the Amir Chakhmaq complex, the Water Museum and the Bagh- and Dolat Abad, a superb Persian building that retains a magnificent Persian garden declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Breakfast. In the morning departure to Isfahan. First stop after 52 Km and visit Meybod a mud town dating to about 1800 years ago. Here you will visit the Narin castle built in the Sassan period, the ancient cisterns and the pigeon tower, a post office used in ancient times. Continue for Isfahan and second stop at Na'in city known in the past ceramic pearls and fine fabrics. You will have the opportunity to interact with the locals and learn the techniques of working the Persian carpets. Visit of a Selgiuchide Mosque and the Ethnological Museum. Arrive at your destination. Dinner in the restaurant and transfer to the hotel; overnight.


Defined by Rober Byron as "one of the places where humanity finds relief" Isfahan is undoubtedly the most interesting and grand city in its beauty of Iran. Trees and romantic Persian gardens as well as important Islamic buildings such as the Jameh Mosque give the city a unique unique charm unmatched by the rest of the country. There are numerous craftsmen who live and work in Esfahan and bring added value to the city by passing on the culture and ancient traditions of the Persian tradition. The main sites of interest built by Abbass II, the reigning kingdom between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries from the Chehel Sotun Palace, will be visited with a review of sublime frescoes and wall paintings and the 17th century Hasht Behesht palace. You will visit the famous bridges of Shahrestan, Khajou and Sio-se-pol, the Armenian quarter with churches, including the important Vank Cathedral. Full board treatment.


Breakfast. Departure for Tehran (500 Km). Along the first stop in Abyaneh, an ancient mountain village dating to at least 1500 years ago is located in a picturesque valley at 2235 m high at the foot of Mount Karkas. A maze of steep, winding boulevards over which ancient red brick masonry houses with latticed windows and wooden balconies overlook. A singular place in its kind inhabited by elders who speak of an ancient being disappeared for centuries in the rest of the country. About 82 Km from Abyaneh is Kashan an ancient city located in an arid area near the Dasht-e-Kavir Desert, about 1000 meters above sea level. It is a city full of history and monuments, with a great tradition in the weaving of carpets. Already Safavide Kashan was renowned for the craftsmanship and sophistication of its weavers, so that a real laboratory for weaving rugs was built in this city. You will visit the Garden Fin, one of the most famous gardens in Iran, the Aghabozorg Mosque, the Borujerdi home of Kashan's historic residence. Arrival in Tehran in the evening. Accommodation at hotel 5 near the airport.


Tehran, capital of Iran, stands on the slopes of the Alburz Mountains, and is the most liberal and secular city in the country. Although it does not boast a millennial history as the other cities that will visit during the trip, it hosts several of the most beautiful museums in the world. In the early morning of the city's sights with the jewelery museum, opened a few hours in the early afternoon from Saturday to Tuesday, which preserves the largest and most important jewelry collection in the world inherited over the centuries by the Persian dynasties that governed the country Visit Of the archaeological museum. The National Carpet Museum (open from Tuesday to Sunday) which houses over one hundred carpets made in a period of time ranging from the seventeenth century to our days. Continuation of visits with the Reza Abbasi museum and the Saadabad Palace. I'm going back to the hotel. Full board treatment.

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